Indian Diaspora Ministries

GFN’s ministries to the Indian diaspora — at least 25 million people living in every part of the world — grow out of Jawahar Gnaniah’s two decades of experience as pastor of the East West Community Church.   East West was the first church in Southern California to bring together a diversity of Indian language and cultural groups in one congregation.

GFN has been involved in various ministries from Mauritius, Fiji and Singapore to the United Kingdom and Switzerland.  Jawahar recently had the opportunity to speak to a conference of European Tamil churches, composed mainly of Sri Lankan expatriates.

The Asian Indian Pastors Network gathers pastors working with Indian church in North America together twice a year for a time of prayer, learning and encouragement.  Jawahar Gnaniah acts as mentor to many younger pastors.

Jawahar presents his seminar, “How to Share the Good News with Hindus” in many different venues around the United States, especially with student groups.