Danny And Friends Our vision is simple. We want to build friendships with South Asian people centered around Jesus.

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“All the Muscular Dystrophy children in India are my friends”

Danny and Friends serves Indian children and families affected by Muscular Dystrophy.  Danny Gnaniah, second son of Global Friends Network founders Jawahar and Ranjini Gnaniah, was diagnosed with MD at age 8.  On a family trip to India, he asked about other children with the same condition, and declared the “all the Muscular Dystrophy children in India are my friends.”

Danny and Friends started in 1992 in response to Danny’s vision.  His parents and other family members began to identify MD patients in their home town of Tiruchipali, Tamil Nadu.  Many of these children we confined to a single room in their home for years.  Because so many of the families are very poor, few of them had opportunities for medical care, education or connection to the world outside their rooms.

Over the past 20 years, Danny and Friends has served several hundred children and their families.  Many families are given financial aid.  Others receive beds, wheel chairs, television sets and other gifts.  The Danny and Friends center offers physical therapy, both on-site and in homes.  They also provide special events at the center and annual excursions where patients and families can experience places of interest in the region.